BoomLings MatchUp! – Review

Puzzle games are a huge hit on iOS and for good reason, they keep you interested, and involved. I see many people all around me playing puzzle games on their iDevice, and normally these are the apps they spend the longest amount of time on.

Boomlings MatchUp has the perfect recipe for a mobile puzzle game. It has the puzzle (obviously), endless amounts of levels, fairly decent visuals, and a great price as it’s free. Let’s see how Boomlings MatchUp compares to the thousands of other iOS puzzle apps.

The Puzzle

This is always going to be the main part of the game, it’s the part you will love or hate. The puzzle in Boomlings is simple, you get a series of boxes, and you need to match the pattern below in a certain number of moves. If you go over this number, you are deducted stars.

The puzzles start simple and you’ll think “easy!” well just wait. It can be pretty tricky! Some of them you will instantly figure out and others will take a lifetime to solve. But that’s good, a lot of the time, you get bored with constant boards where you are stuck, MatchUp seems to have a decent balance of easy/hard.


The levels

As MatchUp is free, you get a  limited amount of levels, but it is plenty to keep you entertained for hours! But if you ever do feel the need for more levels, which I’m sure you may, you can always purchase extra via an in app purchase. As discussed above, the level variety is great, all will keep you entertained and most won’t make you crazy because you can’t do it!


Puzzle games don’t need to look super nice, but it definitely helps, if two apps have the same function and both have decent reviews on the App Store, most will go for the most attractive one. MatchUp has this in it’s stride, firstly I haven’t played a game that has this concept and it’s also quite pretty to look at. Sometimes colours are a bit too vivid, but it doesn’t really matter, you are mainly there for the puzzle!



MatchUp is free, which is awesome! Especially when you consider the amount of levels you get for free. In App Purchases are also well priced, so if you probably won’t begrudge the charges.

Final Verdict

Boomlings MatchUp is great, it’s a great game for free, and has the ability to keep you entertained for hours! I highly recommend you give it a try!


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